Ann Coulter Tells Glenn Beck That Newt Gingrich is Boring and Pompous | Video |

During his Wednesday morning radio broadcast, Glenn Beck and guest Ann Coulter discussed President Obama’s State of the Union address and what they consider the inexplicable rise of Newt Gingrich among his supporters and in primaries like South Carolina.

Coulter noted that even if one discounts Gingrich’s stated admiration for Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, “he likes amnesty for illegals, and he took $1.6 million from Freddie Mac.”

“It’s going to be very hard to beat Obama” — a point Coulter believes “should be said over and over again.”

The “Demonic” author also reminded that Republicans have only beaten incumbents twice in the last century.

Glenn and Coulter delved into Gingrich’s long history in D.C. as well as touched on a recently published caricature  depicting the former House Speaker as “a little stick figure at the center of the universe,” with a “primary mission, advocate of civilization definer of civilization, teacher of the rules of civilization.”

Glenn marveled, “I don’t think the Pope describes himself as that.”

Coulter added:

“He had notes reminding himself to smile and look cuddly. And then after, you know, it all came crashing down with the ethics investigation, which was a real problem. I mean, for him to denounce it as, oh, this was just a partisan investigation, the congress and the House of Representatives was still majority Republican and there were a lot of good right wing Republicans on that committee and something like 90% of Republicans voted to reprimand Gingrich for abuse of a 501(c)(3).”

Glenn and Coulter also discussed how some Gingrich supporters are starting to behave like the more radical Ron Paul supporters Glenn has encountered. Coulter responded by saying she’s “never seen this behavior from Republicans. We normally associate it with Democrats.”