Rubio: Obama Administration Is Playing Politics With Supercommittee

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio says he wants the supercommittee to come to an agreement by Wednesday “because so much is at stake,” but he says President Barack Obama is playing politics with the negotiations.

Marco Rubio, Obama, supercommittee“We knew this day was coming, and we know what lies ahead,” the Florida freshman said today on ABC’s “This Week.” “We need to look no further than Europe to understand what lies ahead unless we take these issues seriously.”

Political strategy is at play, Rubio said, adding that he believes Obama “would like to run against a do-nothing Congress” in 2012.

“But I hope that doesn’t stand in the way of meaningful legislation, particularly out of the supercommittee,” he said.

The Obama administration is hindering Democrats on the supercommittee because they don’t know “how far they can go on making concessions, for example, on entitlement reform.”

“I blame the White House for a little lack of leadership on this,” he said. “It’s very difficult for the Democrats on that committee to enter into a negotiation not knowing where the White House is. They don’t want to get their legs cut out underneath them.”

Regarding the bipartisan jobs bill negotiated with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, Rubio said there’s no reason it shouldn’t pass.

“If something like this can’t get traction, if something like this can’t pass, what does it say about our process?” Rubio said. “We believe that one of the things that’s holding back economic activity is all the bad news and impending bad news that’s coming out of Washington. We can’t sit around for 12 months and do nothing.”