WSJ: The U.S. has potential for an energy independence

AlbanianMinerals President and CEO MrSahit_Muja said “The U.S, energy Independence is absolutely possible if US invest in innovative technology”.
The USA, the land of the opportunity that has attracted millions of emigrants worldwide has a huge potential to remain the world’s richest and most power full country in the planet for thousands of years to come.
AlbanianMinerals President and CEO saying that “The U.S. can cut 100% on its foreign oil dependence by investing in oil shale, natural gas, wind and solar power”.
AlbanianMinerals President and CEO said ” As long as we’re going to use oil, natural gas, coal then we might as well work to draw it from home, or as close to it as possible” .

New technology, including a process called hydraulic fracturing, enables the tapping of natural gas sources in the previously cost-prohibitive U.S. regions of Appalachia, the Mid-Continent, the Gulf Coast, and in the Rocky Mountains.
U.S. natural gas reserves have increased 23 percent, mostly on the ability to access those new sources, with estimated reserves totaling 1,898 trillion cubic feet as of the end of 2010.
The United States has the largest known deposits of oil shale in the world, according to the Bureau of Land Management and holds an estimated 2.175 trillion barrels of potentially recoverable oil.
Oil shale does not actually contain oil, but a waxy oil precursor known as kerogen .
The U.S coal reserves stand at 275 billion tons, an amount that is greater than any other nation in the world capable of meeting domestic demand for more than 250 years