Rush: MSNBC-Sponsored GOP Debate Protected Obama

Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate was a planned attack on the eight Republican candidates by MSNBC, which was trying to protect President Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh said Thursday.
 “I warned you people what was going to happen in this debate,” he said on his radio program.
The debate took place in Simi Valley at the Reagan Library’s Air Force One Pavilion and was broadcast on MSNBC, with  NBC’s Brian Williams serving as moderator along with Politico’s John Harris.
“I don’t know about you, but I do not know why the Reagan library people partnered with MSNBC,” Limbaugh said.
That Republicans knowingly and willingly “put themselves in these situations, where they are going to be queried by Democrat reporters” baffled the talk-show host.

He said MSNBC is “poison” and is filled with “full-throated hate.”

“I don’t care what they say or think,” Limbaugh said. “Their effort was clear last night . . . to keep Obama out of range.”

Interesting point of view.