Jay Leno, David Letterman & Others Offer Obama Birthday Wishes | Video | TheBlaze.com

If you haven’t yet heard, President Barack Obama turned 50 on Thursday. The commander-in-chief celebrated the milestone in style, heading to Chicago for two events in his honor.

While he was out relishing in the glories of presidential birthday bliss (not to mention doing some fundraising), late-night comedians were crafting well wishes — and delivering some clever birthday bashes. Here are some of the highlights:

Jay Leno: “Just a year ago, he was in his 40s and his approval rating was in the 50s. Now it’s the other way around.”

David Letterman: “He got some lovely presents…China gave him an extension on his rent…”

Colbert: “Instead of going to a birthday party, he should have been working on the economy. Now, the recession is going to last four hours longer.”

Below, see an epic montage of late-show personalities addressing the president’s birthday:


Good fun???