Off Duty 50 Summer Apps –

Keep Track of Your Clothes


For tastemakers with more madras than memory, the Stylebook app is a great way to keep a wardrobe indexed. Photograph your items or save images from the web, and neatly group them into categories—unlike your mess of a closet. Then, arrange them into as many combinations as the laws of mathematics and good taste will allow. There’s also a photo bank for storing images of your sartorial inspirations, and for serious neurotics there’s a calendar for planning weeks in advance. Perfect if you’ve caught yourself daydreaming about tomorrow’s outfit with nowhere to jot it down. $4, available foriPhone

Be Your Own Bike Mechanic

[Bike App]

The app Bike Repair, a pet project of one man extremely dedicated to, well, bike repair, teaches you exactly that. Tutorials for problems and routine maintenance are sorted by bike part—each one comes with detailed hi-res photos, ensuring you don’t accidentally turn your bicycle into a fixie. And just to show you how much he cares, there’s also a messages section, where users can get frequent news and updates, as well as send their own comments or questions straight to him. Despite some notably semi-pro production values, this program is a great example of one enthusiastic developer going the extra mile, and it shows. $3, available for iPhone and Android

The Loo-cator App

[Bathroom App]

Most map apps can search for a variety of things nearby, except for the pone thing you really need when you’re in a n unfamiliar city: a public loo. For that, there is “Sit or Squat,” an app that lets you sift through its database of over 100,000 johns, complete with photos and user reviews. It even filters them by facility type, opening hours and tons of special features, from changing tables to high-speed hand dryers to wheelchair accessibility. Great for those with small bladders—or discerning bottoms. Free, available for iPhone and Blackberry

The Must-Have Decorating App

[Design App]

For designing your home while away from home, the Remodelista app offers a wealth of resources to help take your vision on the go. For starters, there’s a mobile-friendly version of the Remodelista website and all its thousands of product picks and design inspirations. When you find what you like, you can save your clips to personal project folders—useful, say, while working on multiple rooms—and in addition there’s the huge repository of Remodelista-approved furniture and decor, searchable and purchasable through the app. If you have room for one app and one website to guide you through the home decorating process, it should be this. $3, available for iPhone

Follow That Food Truck

[food app]

Die-hard urbanites know that food trucks are a cheap and easy way to satisfy the munchies without the hassle of going indoors. From artisan ice cream to incomparable arepas, street food is growing in both popularity and its gourmet aspirations. The handy app Eat St. helps you decipher the often-obscure world of street grub, sorting trucks by distance, cuisine, and popularity. From there, you can view your selection’s menu and hours, and even its Twitter mentions, which is important for finding the more mobile ones. And the beauty of Eat St. is that it offers a more focused view than many restaurant apps, which have a dizzying array of places to eat. Free, available for iPhone