Rand Paul Gives David Letterman an Economics Lesson | The Blaze

Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on “The Late Show” with David Letterman last night to promote his new book,”The Tea Party Goes to Washington.” But what started as a book discussion quickly became a debate over policy, and eventually ended in Paul giving Letterman an economics lesson.

Colby Hall at Mediaite explains the exchange this way:

The discussion was entirely civil, though it was not without some significant disagreement and passion over tax cuts for the wealthy, public and private sector jobs and the labor dispute in Wisconsin. Paul appeared to score on points, though Letterman’s disagreements were severely undercut by a lack of facts.

He concludes the segment is “entertaining,” but notes that when Paul regularly used facts and figures to back up his arguments, Letterman relied more on feelings, saying things like, “that doesn’t sound right.” Another site points out Letterman went as far as to say, “I think he’s wrong about some of these things, I just can’t tell you why.” Shame.

Watch the exchange below:

Go Rand.