For Obama, B-ball more important than stopping genocide – Glenn Beck

Why did it take President Obama nine days to speak out against the atrocities taking place in Libya? After all, he immediately came out to condemn Mubarak when protesters spoke up in Egypt.

Jay Carney, the President’s new Press Secretary, explained, “This is just a scheduling issue.  As I said, the president will meet with Secretary of State Clinton this afternoon, his regular meeting and they will obviously discuss Libya.  He will have something to say at that meeting and it’s possible the president will speak this afternoon or tomorrow.”

So it’s a scheduling issue? That excuse did not satisfy Glenn.

“I believe he was practically, you know, calling us all at home saying Mubarak has got to go, and look at those dear sweet children in the streets of Egypt,” Glenn joked.

“Now, here’s a really interesting side note on the president’s schedule.  On Saturday the president decided to coach his daughter’s basketball team.  Now, the reason why the president coached it ‑‑ and I have no problem.  I think that’s great.  He’s getting involved in his kids’ lives and so no, no statement on that.  The statement is that the president had something else scheduled but the coach had a scheduling conflict.”

“The reason they stopped going to church, according to the White House, was that it was too much of a hassle for all the churches.  They didn’t want to cause all of that.  Can you imagine what that does at a girls basketball game?  All the parents would have to be checked, all the fans who come into the game would have to be checked,” Pat said of the work that has to be done to secure an area before the President can enter.

“My understanding is she wasn’t even there.  His daughter wasn’t even at the game,” Stu said.

“I want to make sure I understand this.  So his daughter wasn’t there because she had a scheduling conflict,” Glenn joked in reference to the irony that was starting to develop. “There’s a lot of scheduling conflicts happening here.”

Interesting… huh?