Roger Stone: Trump Would Be Giant Prez Candidate

Real estate mogul Donald Trump would be a giant among Republican candidates for president, political analyst Roger Stone tells Newsmax.TV. The New York billionaire has a Kennedy-like charisma that could take on President Barack Obama, Stone said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV.

“I think Trump is going to run,” Stone said. “I think that he, as a patriot, as someone who is unabashedly American, is completely fed up with the way this country is being abused abroad, with our economy. As the most prominent and probably best-known businessman in the country he knows how to create jobs, he knows the business of America is business . . . I think he’s very serious about running.”

Stone’s observations mesh with Trump’s own comments in a Jan. 3 Ron Kessler column posted at

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Stone, who said he worked with Trump during his flirtations with running for the presidency in 1987 and in 1999, said polls that show him competitive with President Barack Obama are encouraging. Trump is much better known than others mentioned as possible presidential candidates, Stone said.

“In a wide-open field, Trump is a giant in a field of pygmies,” he said

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