LEE Jeans – Unbelievable Sub-Par Customer Service

I purchased a pair of LEE jeans on 11-24-10 just before Thanksgiving – online since I hate to shop.

I went out of town on business the first of the following week and expected my jeans to be waiting for me when I returned.  Upon returning, I checked my P O Box and… no jeans.  No problem just delayed because of the busy season.

Then much to my surprise on 12-01-10 I receive an email from LEE telling me that my jeans are out of stock and they have canceled my order.  Unbelievable – 7 days after placing my order they email me to tell me that the jeans are out of stock.  It takes 7 days to determine inventory levels?… unbelievable.  In today's age of technology that is unacceptable and surely puts LEE at a competitive disadvantage.

As an aside – I ordered LEE jeans because that is what I have worn for years.  Since I needed some jeans right away, I went to the mall (Horrors!!).  Ended up with LEVIS…