One Unsolicited Compliment Per Day | Bare Naked Brain Fodder

Someone recently asked me… “How do you know when you are making a positive impact online?”.

My answer is people will let you know. You should be receiving emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, letters and gifts in the mail and more almost every day. If you aren’t receiving this type of feedback on a regular basis, then chances are you have a lot of work left to do before you’re really making a significant impact.

I have a weird system of measurement for impact and it goes like this. You should be receiving at least one completely unsolicited compliment every day in some manner. Sometimes more. If you are not receiving this type of praise, then I reckon you are probably not serving your market as well as you could be.

Of course this kind of feedback doesn’t come overnight and takes some serious dedication to your readers or fans. It’s acquired through trust, consistency and sincere effort on your part. You’ll know by feedback alone when you are truly making a positive impact in other peoples lives because they will go out of their way to tell you so. And quite often. And in numerous ways.

I agree.