Phil Campbell on Peak 8 Exercises

I first met Phil Campbell earlier this year at a fitness camp in Cancun, Mexico, and he was truly the highlight of my experience there. He’s the author of the book Ready Set Go, which details how the exercises for super-fast muscle fibers can increase growth hormone, which we also discuss in depth during this interview.

He’s a true veteran in the field of fitness with over 35 years experience in training professional athletes. Over the years Phil has worked with 18,000 athletes, teaching them how to run faster with the proper speed technique. He’s also the associate athletic director of Bethel University in Tennessee.

He taught me how to apply the revised form of exercise we discuss and demonstrate in the video above, which has helped transform my physique and physical health.

I have previously written about this technique, which I termed Peak 8, but in this video you’ll hear it first-hand from the person who designed and developed it. Hopefully, Phil will inspire you to implement this fitness strategy and transform your health as well.

There’s a load of information in this interview that cannot be covered in this summary, so please, I urge you to watch the video in its entirety, or read through the transcript to get the full story.

Very cool.