How to Build a Roaring Fireplace Fire –

How To: Make a Roaring Fire
[fire1] Illustrations by Alan Witschonke for The Wall Street Journal

Six steps to a roaring fire.

STEP ONE: Open the damper (the fold-up hatch that allows ventilation through your chimney).

STEP TWO: Roll several sheets of newspaper into tight tubes and disperse them on top of the grate.

STEP THREE: Arrange kindling (or place a fire-starter mini-log) on top of the newspapers.

STEP FOUR: Lay two pieces of split, dry logs on top of the kindling, with an inch of space between them.

STEP FIVE: Do two more layers of logs, alternating directions each time. Light the newspapers.

STEP SIX: Once the fire is in full swing, poke the embers into the center of the hearth.

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