First Legal Victory to Ban Mercury from Dental Amalgams

I have great news!

Over the past year or so this newsletter has featured a number of articles to raise awareness about the devastating role dental mercury plays in your health, and the effort has paid off in spades.

Some of you responded and took action, and as a result, Costa Mesa, CA has set the precedent by becoming the first city in the United States to pass a resolution to immediately ban the use of mercury amalgams in dentistry.

Last year, I actively teamed up with Charlie G. Brown, who is the national counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice and the President of the new World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry.

Charlie’s work focuses on petitioning federal and state agencies to do their duties under the law, and he spearheads the national campaign to expose the deceptive practices of the American Dental Association.

We ran an article in early September, calling for volunteers to get involved to organize a grassroots project, and the result has been nothing short of sensational.

I hope this victory will serve to inspire you to get involved and participate as well. Costa Mesa was just the beginning – the rest of the United States still need to be brought onboard.

Great news.