The News is Bad

The year is 2010.

More and more people are getting their news from the Internet. And many traditional media sources are greatly suffering as a result.

It’s no wonder. Fresh information is constantly at our fingertips. I am puzzled why anyone would watch television news or read newspapers any more.

I NEVER watch television news. I NEVER buy a newspaper.

But I happened to be in front of a television the other day while waiting on my car at an oil change shop.

The local news was on, so I watched out of the corner of my eye while checking my email on my iPhone.

What I heard solidified my decision to tune out television news.

Here were the first five stories of the broadcast…

1) There had been a kidnapping in the city. No leads on who took the child.

2) A fatal car wreck claimed the lives of two young people driving an SUV.

3) A rare meningitis death took the life of a co-ed at Colorado State University.

4) A man was arrested in a “murder for hire” case.

5) One of the trapped miners didn’t want to be rescued. It turns out his wife discovered he had a mistress while he was still trapped.

After ten minutes of this, I felt completely and utterly traumatized.

Bad news, bad news and more bad news. People are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. That’s why the ridiculous tabloids sell so well.

The news is BAD! At least that’s what the networks would have you believe. After all, bad news SELLS.

It’s no wonder people are so depressed. If you consume this kind of “news” day after day, it will affect you negatively. That much negativity would depress anyone!

My advice?

Turn off the television. While you are at it, stop wasting your time on Ellen, Oprah and soap operas. I understand watching a few hours of television each week, but hours each day?

Do something with your life. Make a difference for someone else. Just stop allowing those only interested in your money to dictate how you think and feel.

Parents, get your kids away from the television set. They are being fed so many bad messages from the media. And the messages of consumption perpetuated by advertisers are even worse.

Would you agree??