Demand Slows For H1B Visas – Finance and Accounting Jobs News and Advice

Many high-level engineering jobs here go unfilled for months as companies seek out workers with rare skill sets, many of whom are not American. Meanwhile, a growing number of people — foreigners qualified to do those very jobs — are choosing to return to their native country and work rather than subject themselves to U.S. immigration rules, according to those who represent, advocate for and try to hire H1B visa holders. That’s true even for those who have been educated at U.S. universities.

“That’s the shame of it, that we train them here and then make it extremely difficult to work here,” said Peter Cleveland, vice president for legal and corporate affairs at chip giant Intel Corp., who lobbies for immigration reform.

Intel, Cisco Systems Inc. and other large technology companies have been lobbying Washington hard for years to raise the annual quota limits for workers applying for H1B visas.

Approximately 6% of Intel’s U.S. work force, or about 2,900 employees, either hold H1B work visas or are former H1B holders who have since earned a green card, Cleveland said.

But that represents just a fraction of the number of foreign engineers that the company could hire if the process to bring them to the U.S. wasn’t so “archaic and onerous,” Cleveland said.

When is the government going to fix this????? (please read this article)