Use this Common Device and Double Your Risk of Brain Cancer…

If you are in the habit of using a cell phone on a regular basis, or allow your kids to do so, please take this warning to heart: the phone could be increasing your risk of brain cancer, which may not show up for 10-20 years, or more.

It is easy to brush off the emerging and established evidence showing cell phone dangers because the devices are so convenient. I’m the first to acknowledge that the technology behind cell phones has changed the way many conduct business and interact with their friends and family on a daily basis.

But I’m also convinced, and suspect you’ll agree, that these benefits are in no way worth it if they end up sacrificing your health to a brain tumor.

The research on this is not sketchy or preliminary … it is solid and ever increasing, and I urge you to take notice now, before it’s too late.

The Research is Loud and Clear … Cell Phones are Dangerous

Everyone needs to be aware of this danger.