New Warning About Olive Oil

Dr. Rudi Moerck is a drug industry insider and an expert on fats and oils.

In this interview, Dr. Moerck discusses the ins-and-outs of cooking oils; the good, the bad and the ones to avoid like the plague.

If you cook with olive oil read this.


Vitamin B12 Helps Ward Off Alzheimers

People who consume foods rich in vitamin B12 could be at lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers analyzed blood samples from more than 270 individuals who showed no evidence of dementia. They tested for levels of vitamin B12 and for levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that has been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and then tracked the study participants for seven years.

Each unit increase in vitamin B12 reduced the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 2 percent.

According to CNN:

“The relationship between vitamin B12 and Alzheimer’s risk is ‘complex’ … B12 levels, particularly holotranscobalamin levels, likely play a contributory role.”

This is worth the read.

‘Lizard Brains’ Redux: Huffington Repeats Analogy But Gets Exposed by TV Host | The Blaze

Last month Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington blamed support for Christine O’Donnell on people using their “lizard brains.” The insinuation being that only small-minded people would buy into O’Donnell and her ideas.

Now she’s at it again.

Appearing on Friday’s “Morning Joe,” Huffington used the analogy with host Joe Scarborough to describe why people would vote for Republicans next week:

People are operating out of fear and anxiety at the moment. And when they operate out of fear and anxiety, they operate out of what they call their ‘lizard brains.’ Lizard brains are not susceptible to rationality. That’s why the argument of, ‘you just voted them out and you want to vote them in’ isn’t going to cut it.

Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer explains what happened next when Scarborough called out Huffington:

“Lizard brains? Is that what Americans did in ‘08 when they elected a state senator President of the United States?” asked Scarborough. “Was that fear?”

“No, that was hope,” said Huffington, to some chuckles from the panel.

A couple minutes later, Scarborough summed it up: “When democrats win people are using the hope side of their brain, when Republicans win, people are using the lizard side of their brain.”

Did Scarborough just use his lizard brain to expose Huffington’s argument? I think so:

The power of common sense.

Issue on Bees Dying in Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a disease which causes honeybees to become disoriented and die far from their hives, has kept scientists desperately seeking for the cause.

And no wonder, since honeybees contribute $15 billion in annual agriculture revenue to the U.S. economy alone.

One suggested culprit has been pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids, which kill insects by attacking their nervous systems. Their leading manufacturer, Bayer Crop Science, has been fending off lawsuits from angry beekeepers for years now. But recently, a front-page New York Times article pointed to another solution.

Running under the headline “Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery,” the article reports that a new study claims the cause is actually “a fungus tag-teaming with a virus.”

However, one fact that the Times article did not mention is the relationship between the study’s lead author, Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk, and Bayer Crop Science. Bromenshenk has received a significant research grant from Bayer — and failed to disclose the conflict of interest to the Times.

Fortune reports:

“The Times reporter who authored the recent article, Kirk Johnson, responded in an e-mail that Dr. Bromenshenk ‘did not volunteer his funding sources.’ … Jennifer Sass, a senior scientist with the health group at the Natural Resources Defense Council, says that while the Bromenshenk/Army study is interesting, it fails to ask the underlying question ‘Why are colonies dying?'”

Another conspiracy?… read on.

CAGW Launches New Nationwide Ad Campaign

Watch CAGW’s New National Ad Campaign here!

On October 21, 2010, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) unveiled a national ad addressing our country’s spending addiction, the dangers of relentless deficits, and the corrosive nature of our national debt.  

This new ad, which features a chilling look at one potential future scenario if America continues on its current destructive fiscal trajectory, is a 2010 homage to “The Deficit Trials,” a 1986 ad that was produced by W.R. Grace & Co.  For those who were able to view it, the ad caused a sensation; it was considered so controversial at the time that the networks refused to run it. 

J. Peter Grace, CAGW’s co-founder and the chairman of President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (the Grace Commission), was alarmed about what the debt would do to future generations.  The national debt was $2 trillion in 1986, when “The Deficit Trials” ad was denied broadcast time; today the debt stands at $13.7 trillion and is projected to reach 140 percent of GDP in two decades, the time in which the new CAGW ad is set.

The new ad is part of an ongoing communications program in CAGW’s decades-long fight against wasteful government spending, increased taxes, out-of-control deficit spending, and a crippling national debt that threatens the future and survival of our country.   CAGW plans to run the ad on major cable networks throughout the rest of 2010 and into 2011.


The News is Bad

The year is 2010.

More and more people are getting their news from the Internet. And many traditional media sources are greatly suffering as a result.

It’s no wonder. Fresh information is constantly at our fingertips. I am puzzled why anyone would watch television news or read newspapers any more.

I NEVER watch television news. I NEVER buy a newspaper.

But I happened to be in front of a television the other day while waiting on my car at an oil change shop.

The local news was on, so I watched out of the corner of my eye while checking my email on my iPhone.

What I heard solidified my decision to tune out television news.

Here were the first five stories of the broadcast…

1) There had been a kidnapping in the city. No leads on who took the child.

2) A fatal car wreck claimed the lives of two young people driving an SUV.

3) A rare meningitis death took the life of a co-ed at Colorado State University.

4) A man was arrested in a “murder for hire” case.

5) One of the trapped miners didn’t want to be rescued. It turns out his wife discovered he had a mistress while he was still trapped.

After ten minutes of this, I felt completely and utterly traumatized.

Bad news, bad news and more bad news. People are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. That’s why the ridiculous tabloids sell so well.

The news is BAD! At least that’s what the networks would have you believe. After all, bad news SELLS.

It’s no wonder people are so depressed. If you consume this kind of “news” day after day, it will affect you negatively. That much negativity would depress anyone!

My advice?

Turn off the television. While you are at it, stop wasting your time on Ellen, Oprah and soap operas. I understand watching a few hours of television each week, but hours each day?

Do something with your life. Make a difference for someone else. Just stop allowing those only interested in your money to dictate how you think and feel.

Parents, get your kids away from the television set. They are being fed so many bad messages from the media. And the messages of consumption perpetuated by advertisers are even worse.

Would you agree??

US Performance on Life Expectancy and Health Care Costs

America ranks 49th in life expectancy worldwide, putting it lower than a dozen other developed nations.

However, researchers determined that obesity, traffic accidents and a high murder rate may not be the main causes — the U.S. didn’t stand out as doing any worse in these areas than any of the other countries studied.

Instead, poor health care may be to blame. Factors such as costly specialized and fragmented care are likely playing a large role in the nation’s poor performance.

Commenting on the study in Salon, Glenn Greenwald noted:

“It’s easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse. Every now and then, however, one encounters certain facts which compellingly and viscerally highlight how real that is.”

This will be a shock to many.